The average height of the town makes Arboleas to have a mild weather, with a large number of sunny days a year and few rains. When it rains, it is a torrential rain, normally in autumn and spring. That is why it is so important to carry out a good collection and distribution of the water in this area.

These torrential rains make the river to burst its banks, going from a dry bed to a plentiful course, depending on the amount of water fallen. This water is quickly filtered by the sand and stored until it is used.

Some other times, the farmers divert the water directly towards their plots, through what they call boqueras (small water ditches). Anyway, the water does not stay long, not in the river or in the different streams and tributaries.

Because of its proximity to the sea, winters in Arboleas are warm and summers are not as hot as in some other inland towns. And it is important to mind the winds that can be really strong depending on the season.