Arboleas has always had an economy based on agriculture and stockbreeding, as well as on some craftworks including carpentry, wrought-iron work and bakery. But these traditional activities are being changed into new ones.

Logically, emigration has deeply affected the town economy. But everything changed from the 90s, as the countryside started to get subventions from the EU. In that time they also started to build public and private developments, these last ones aimed to the residential tourists, and the first industries settled in the industrial area of the town.


From 1997, the Planes de Desarrollo Rural de la Unión Europea (Proder-Almanzora) (European Union development of the country areas plans) are implemented in the region, and that makes that the economy starts to diversify as well.

Troughout the first decade of 2.000, it was not only construction that was on the increase, but also the services sector, and especially the tourist sector, that was not so important until that time. Culture and nature also start to be consider as important sources of employment.

A drastic change surprised everybody in the middle of 2.008. Contruction works stopped, so employment and economy stopped growing as well. This situation would lead to a revision of the traditional economic system.