Arboleas town council carried out, since the 80s, a policy on public housing developments that served two purposes: one, to maintain work force in town and the other one, to bring people from neighbouring towns.

From the 90s, private housing developments, aimed mainly to residencial tourism, joined the public housing developments which meant an important rise of the construction sector.

All of this affected to most of Almería province, especially the Comarca del Levante (Eastern region). The need of work force made people from South America and Eastern Europe to come to Arboleas to work and live here.

But the situation nowadays is completely different. Houses are not easy to be sold and so the economy based on this sector has stopped developing as fast as it used to do. The sector is badly affected and only some public developments and the rehabilitation of old buildings works are taking place.

Residential tourism started gaining importance in the 90s, when people from other European countries, mainly British, began to settle in Arboleas.

As a consequence of this tendency, construction sector rose excessively with private developments until it became the main sector in the town.

In those years, real state and construction companies established themselves in Arboleas to be able to face the continous demand. This sector created employment not only for Arboleas local companies but for the ones of the nieghbouring towns too.

The number of these companies has increased year after year, altough it is also true that some of them have disappeared while others have expanded.

Anyway, what we want to point out of this burst of the construction sector is the big push it has meant to the town economy, providing Arboleas with high quality infrastructure and services.