The history of Arboleas is not different of that of the Comarca del Almanzora (Almanzora region). The river that crosses it becomes a historic path used by different cultures as a way of entering the Península.

According to the archaelogical remains found, we can say that the human settlements in Arboleas go back until the Neolithic period and Bronze Age. There are also Argaric, Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman remains.

Most of the remains of the cultures that have populated Arboleas are from the Islamic period: architecture, gastronomy, customs, ...

Arboleas was transfered in 1488 to the Christians, together with other towns of the Comarca del Almanzora (Almanzora region), witnessing all of them the Moorish revolts all troughout the XVI century.

These revolts ended up in the different expulsions of the native population, and in the repopulation of the region with people that came mainly from the Eastern region of the Peninsula.