The heritage of a town goes together with that of the whole region where the town is located. That is why we can say that in Arboleas, and in the whole of the Almanzora region we find:

  1. The entreé to most of the cultures established in the Península: the Almanzora river, what can be considered a “historic path”.
  2. A natural heritage combining wet and dry areas, plains and mountains, trees and scrubland, human and nature in what can be called a “look to a thousand landscapes”.
  3. A culture around water, inherited from the Muslims, firmly established in the Almería province with the Comarca del Almanzora (Almanzora region) as its best example, “a spring of life”.
  4. A country exploitation carried out with “by the sweat of their brows”, where traditional techniques are combined with the most modern technologies.
  5. A population distributed in population centres as well as in cortijadas and neighbourhoods, with a traditional architecture that designs “a human landscape”.
  6. A cuisine inherited from the Andalusi cuisine that allows us to eat everyday “a mesa y mantel” ( to eat very good products cooked and presented in a very good way).
  7. Customs and habits that are expressed “full of emotions and tradition” in any festivity, secular or religious ones.

This is the Comarca del Almanzora (Almanzora region) or “the time of the half moon”.