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Clarifications AUAN INGLÉS

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At the Ordinary Council Meeting (Pleno) held on 4th July the Advancement of Innovation 14 was given its initial approval.

This planning advance, which has the form of a municipal regulation, has been prepared in compliance with article 4 of Decree 2/2012 of 10 January, by regulating the system of settlements and existing buildings on non urbanised land in the Autonomous Community of Andalucia.


The Object

The Advance has the clear objective of defining the urban settlements, the scattered rural habitations, and the isolated buildings, on non urbanised land in the municipality.


What is an Urban Settlement? (Un Asentamiento Urbanístico)

Urban Settlements consist of geographical areas defined and consolidated by the constructions. Its definition is made according to certain criteria.


1. Having a degree of consolidation and urban structure.

2. To be viable for the establishment within them of common services and facilities.

3. To be attached to an Urban Core.


Groups of buildings which cannot be considered as an Urban Settlement (Un Asentamiento Urbanístico) are those which are isolated and which by virtue of their low density are not eligible to be an urban centre.


The Urban Settlements will be part of Innovation 14 (General Revision of the Urban Plan) with the classification of non consolidated.


The homes included in any of these settlements will have the right to a temporary connection to water and electricity until their incorporation into the urban plan.


In the graphic documentation the areas defined as Urban Settlements are shown by a red line. The name of each area coincides with the core population with which it is associated.


What is a Scattered Rural Habitat? (Hábitat Rural Diseminado)

These are geographical areas on which are located a set of buildings without an urban structure, and which were originally linked to farming and rural areas, and which have characteristics that must be preserved.


Its definition is based on the following criteria:


1. Must consist of buildings and houses linked to farming and rural settings.

2. Should be independent of an urban nucleus.

3. There must not have a defined urban structure.


The Scattered Rural Habitat maintains its classification as non urbanisable land. The General Plan will establish the legislation applicable to them.


In the graphic documentation the division of The Scattered Rural Habitat is marked with a blue line.


What is an isolated building? (una edificación aislada)

An isolated building is one that is not included either as an Urban Settlement, or as a Scattered Rural Habitat.


These homes will remain as non urbanisable land, but they will retain a number of rights.


1. The Right to be occupied, which will be implemented with a certificate of assimilation as outside urban regulation.

2. The right to connect to general services provided they are accessible, or otherwise to obtain them independently.

3. Repairs and maintenance may be carried out as required for the strict maintenance of safety, habitability and safety of the building


At the Special Session of Arboleas Town Council on March 12, Innovation No. 13 was given initial approval by the following votes :-


Following this approval there is a period of 30 days for public exhibition. Innovation 13 is available on the website of Arboleas Ayuntamiento ( on the Planning section, or in Arboleas Town Hall.


Like any planning document in which there are structural changes such as a change to land categorisation, Innovation 13 has to follow the following procedure:

1. Initial approval by the full council.

2. Public exposure for a period of 30 days.

3. Departmental Reports:
- Environment (Animal Routes)
- Roads (Public Works and the Provincial Council)
- Report to Galasa (Infrastructure Coverage)
- Report to Sevillana (Infrastructure Coverage)

4. Provisional approval by the full council.

5. Final approval Provincial Planning Commission.


The main objective of Innovation 13 is to change the category of Non Consolidated Urban land (SUNC) to Consolidated Urban Land (SUC) for all those areas that meet the requirements of the LOUA (Urban Development Law of Andalusia), and of the Public Works Department.

For land to obtain the Consolidated Urban category it must have services and infrastructure.

(Water supply, Sanitation, Electricity, paved streets ... etc..)

By Consolidating the land, besides giving legality to all homes located on this land, it will allow us to move to Innovation 14, to define the boundaries of development areas (EU) within the boundaries of the Non Consolidated Urban Land (SUNC).

Also simultaneously to include plans for those Urban Settlements now found on undeveloped land, as reflected in the present Decree 2/2012 of 10 January, which will regulate the arrangements of buildings on undeveloped land in the Andalusia region.

Press Release. Arboleas Ayuntamiento.