The current government team, when assuming responsibility for managing the town, found that since 2004 there were houses that had not been registered in the Catastral. Despite the fact that the owners / citizens had asked the council to register their homes, the process had not been completed up to the submission of the relevant documentation to the agency responsible, Virtual Office of Catastral (OVC).

Given this delay, in some cases over 6 years, we quickly began the necessary regulatory steps.

After submitting the necessary documents to the Catastral Office to apply for and insist on registration, it has taken several meetings of the Mayor with the Department of Land Management, and now we can say that the work begins to bear fruit.

Lot 6 which includes the buildings in Los Huevanillas, was sent to the Catastral Office on 22nd November 2011, and has been registered in the Catastral Virtual Office (Oficina Virtual de Catastral).

During this week and next around 1,000 more properties will be registered.

Los Huevanillas

Los Huevanillas. Date of Catastral registration 08.02.2012


Press Office, Arboleas Town Council

At the regular meeting of the Town Council on January 18 Innovation 12 of the Urban Plan was definitively approved.

In late December the Council received the report from the Ministry of Public Works which gave the green light for the Innovation. A small drafting amendment was required which does not involve any significant change to the regulation. The final document, with the amendment from Public Works, was approved at the regular session of the Town Council on January 18 and is available in its original form on the Spanish version of the urban planning section of this website.

For those buildings which conform to the rules of occupation, regarding height, minimum plot size and position, and whose floor area is consistent with these regulations work is allowed for restoration, preservation, consolidation, reform and redistribution and rehabilitation and extension.

"In this case are most of the buildings in Arboleas"

This innovation will now allow construction work depending on the classification of each building. It will thus unblock the situation, which to date has not allowed us to issue licences in any neighborhood, except La Cinta and Venta Mateo, together with the Urban Centre, these being the only areas with the Consolidated Urban classification.

For any queries please contact the Council Planning Office.

Arboleas Town Council Press Office
Department of Urbanisation